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Item Name Description Price ($USD)
Stylesheet Edit Simple CSS editing for a stylesheet provided by you or another site $1.50
Header Image Give me the dimensions for the header size + color scheme (or I'll come up with one!) and I'll make you a banner. $.50
Avatars 30 resized avatars - I find images for you $.50
Color Schemes A pack of 25 color schemes $.50
SM Cutouts A pack of 5 cutouts $1.00
Object PNGs/Cutouts 5 Packs of Cutouts - Give me an idea of what you'd like $1.00
Signs Price is per sign! Provide color scheme/model or I will choose! $.75
Buttons A pack of 2 buttons, one animated and one un-animated (88x31) $.25
Custom Cursor A cursor customized to say whatever you'd like, with whatever colors, etc. you want as well. $.25
Sign Deco PSDs A pack of 3 sign decos - top, bottom, etc, $1.00