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YES - You may use the content you purchase on your site as resources, etc.
YES - You may edit what I make for you however you'd like.
YES - You may request one remake per order, as in I'll fix whatever you want once, not multiple times.
YES - You can pay after I show you your order and you are satisfied with it.

If you do not purchase your item(s) within one month of me making them, I will either give them away
or put them up for sale/auction elsewhere.

Whether it be on a credits page, on an image, I don't care WHERE but you MUST have credit for me somewhere.



What if I change my mind about my order and don't want it anymore?
That is perfectly fine, but whatever you don't purchase I will use myself or give away.

How do you accept payment?
I only accept paypal at the moment.

Can I resell your items if I decide to get rid of my site?
You are free to do as you wish once the content is yours - even resell. BUT - do be sure to let it be known that
you did not make my content, and do not sell it for the price you bought it for. You should sell it for less.
Don't be a jerk.

How long does an order take?
It always depends on the order. Graphics are always quick, while anything involving coding or PSDs can take a
little longer.

Where is my order? Are you even making it?
I'm a human being with a job and a life. No orders take longer than one month and I will always be
easy to contact, and send you updates throughout the process.